TNT grade A

TNT grage A

TNT flake grade A is used for the manufacture of all kinds of industrial explosives of explosives for industrial use.

Explosive properties:

Indicators Value
Explosion calorifica heat, MJ/kg (kcal/kg) 4,299 (1010)
Specific volume of explosion
gaseous products, l/kg
Explosive transition temperature, °C 3100
Detonation velocity, m/s, at density:
1.55 g/cm3
1.60 g/cm3
1.62 g/cm3

Fugacity, cm3 285-290
Flash point, °C 290-300
Electrical resistance, Ohm.m 10^7 – 10^10
Monocrystall critical detonation diameter, dcr., mm 8-10

Packaging / transport:
Polypropylene bags with polyethylene liners weight not exceeding 40 kg cardboard boxes with polyethylene liner on a pallet, corrugated cardboard boxes on a pallet stacked with bags weighing up to 40 kg.

The product can be ordered from the producer – RPE “Zarya”